Ball Cans Rule

Why Cans Are the Perfect Package for Craft Beer

Your craft beer is truly a labor of love and after the long hours of brewing to create that perfect taste, your packaging had better deliver the same. Your company's name and reputation are on the line each time a consumer enjoys your beer.

High quality beer deserves high quality packaging.
The secret is in the can.

  • Cans are impenetrable to light. No risk of light turning the beer skunky and undrinkable.
  • Cools down faster than any other beverage container resulting in fresher, better tasting beer.
  • Cans are portable - they can go anywhere your customers go.
  • Cans are airtight and oxygen-free. Oxygen can leach into a bottled beer under the bottle cap and affect the taste, which could potentially destroy the beer.
  • No metallic contamination or flavor. Spraying the insides of the can and lid with a water-based polymer ensures no contact between the beer and the aluminum. Think of a can as a mini-keg for your craft beer.