Environment & Portability

Cans Are Better for the Environment

Your craft beer is truly a labor of love and after the long hours of brewing to create that perfect taste, your packaging had better deliver the same. Your company's name and reputation are on the line each time a consumer enjoys your beer.

  • Cans contain an average of 68% recycled aluminum.
  • They are infinitely recyclable.
  • #1 recycled beverage container of any kind in the United States.
  • Recycling aluminum cans saves 95 percent of the energy used to make aluminum cans from virgin materials.
  • Cans are the lightest weight beverage container - at 34 cans per pound they enable savings in shipping and handling costs through the entire supply chain.
  • Seven in ten adults say they would purchase a product because its packaging is better for the environment.*
  • Used aluminum cans are recycled and returned to a store shelf as a new can in as few as 60 days. That means a consumer could basically purchase the same recycled aluminum can from a retailer's shelf nearly every 9 weeks or 6 times a year.

*Source: Can Manufacturers Institute

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Cans Have Superior Portability

  • Cans go where bottles do not. Cans are better-accepted in most environments.
  • Cans don't shatter.
  • Cans are much lighter than glass.