Ball Beverage Can Manufacturing

The process of making a single, recyclable beverage can from a coiled sheet of aluminum is an amazing technical feat--one repeated more than 100 million times each day at Ball's manufacturing sites throughout North America. Ball knows cans. The engineers at Ball push for the design of a perfect can that weighs less. We apply the same analytical methods used for space vehicles on the design of our cans.

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Learn more about Ball's metal beverage innovations

Learn more about Ball's metal beverage packaging

Cask Brewing Systems, Inc.

Cask Brewing Systems, Inc. of Canada is the supplier of small brewers and packagers worldwide. At the forefront of the development of "micro-canning" of carbonated beverages like beer, energy and soft drinks, the company services the needs of the small scale packager. Cask and Ball partner together to bring canning systems and cans to the craft brewing industry.

Watch the Canned Beer Apocalypse video on how Oskar Blues, Cask and Ball partnered to make the first canned craft beers | Duration: 8.20 min.